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With more than 4 years of UI / UX experience for various businesses and start ups, I have had the opportunity to update the look and layout of websites and apps while focusing on functionality and usability. These design solutions are then demonstrated through page/user flow diagrams, wireframes and hi-fi interactive prototypes.


The Problem:

I was brought on as a freelance designer at Cozymeal and was quickly asked to take on the task of redesigning the website. The site had become outdated, overcrowded and no longer represented the design direction the company was trying to achieve. A refresh was necessary to illustrate the elegant experiences they offer and reach their target audience of middle and high-earning cosmopolitan customers of all genders.

The Solution:

Replacing the fonts gave the site an instant contemporary touch and additional padding between the elements provided a lighter and more legible look. The use of animated iconography (like the Empire State Building turning into a piece of pizza in its hover state) offers a fun, interactive element and encourages the user to explore more of the subtle surprises throughout the site. 



My Account Page

The owner of Cozymeal wanted to better illustrate the menu options within the My Account page using icons. I created individual icons to represent each category and to avoid the traditional itemized list, I used a subtle frame and drop shadow to give them a clickable look. (This design is in keeping with the current Cozymeal style as the elements in the website redesign above have not yet been implemented.)


Message Dashboard

The biggest challenge of redesigning this Message platform was the wealth of information that was asked to be included. By breaking up the page into three columns, I was able to organize the message inbox and booking details while having the individual message thread remain the main focus in the center of the page.

The Winning Seat®

Dashboard Redesign

Before Covid put the world on hold, I was in the process of redesigning The Winning Seat® App from the Sign In page and Dashboard, to the small, yet significant, details such as the icons, menus and buttons. Here are the final three dashboard designs that were presented to the Owners, Investors and Board of Directors.

The Winning Seat®

"Check in to Win" Wireframes

As a team, we created a 30 second daily sweepstakes to encourage more consistent traffic to the App, where Users could check in at the same time each day and the App would select one active player at random to instantly win $100. We saw about a 35% increase in daily User interaction.

The Winning Seat®

"Daily Deal" Wireframes

I was asked to come up with ways to promote unprompted visits to the App and enhance user retention. I came up with a Daily Offer where Users could answer a survey question and receive a discounted Offer donated by Sponsors.

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